REASONS we came into existing

Have you ever Thought of… Why any Business comes into it’s  Existence,

It’s Because they all been able to solve some Real Life Problems through their Business model which led them to their Successful Ventures, say for Example Google, Amazon, Ola, Zomato etc, they all Solved some Real Life Problem

Currently the problems which Youth of India is facing are


Under-Grads because of their Skills-Set are  NOT Employable, and Universities therefore not been able to keep up the Placement


Unavailability of Skilled Fresher Engineer for Industries, They are Forced to Deploy their Productive Time in Training those Fresher Engineer to make them Job-Ready

"According to a report from Survey of India 2019 80% of Graduates Engineers are Unemployed"

In a recent interview,

Famous Industrialist Ratan Tata said : Most of the engineering graduates are not employable for any of core jobs in plants.

through our wide array of survey and seminars

Our Research & Development Team

Has been able to Diagnose the Real Reasons which has led to the cause of this wide Unemployment in Engineering.
Following are the Findings, from Our Survey in Different Core Industries and Seminars in Universities

01/ Unemployability


Unemployment is not the actual problem,

Unemployability of  those  Under-Grads is the Real Problem, which is Eventually the cause of this High Rate of Unemployment 

02/ Loss of Productive


Unavailability of Skilled and Specially Customized Fresher Engineer has Forced Industries, to Invest their Productive Time and Money in Training of those Unskilled Engineer

03/ few placement opportunity


Very Limited Opportunity of Placements in Core Companies, Engineers are Forced to join in IT-Sector just for the Sake of Job

BY having us on-board, universities and industries are the direct beneficiary, and they have direct access to skilled maven’s

innovation & creativity